ANGLR Decal - White
ANGLR Decal - White

ANGLR Decal - White

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Application Method:
1) Clean the area of application with a damp clean cloth. By removing dirt, dust and grease a better adhesion of the decal can be ensured.
2) Before peeling anything off, place the decal on a smooth hard surface and using a credit card or similar item apply firm pressure over the surface of the decal. This is to make sure the decal has properly adhered to the Masking/transfer tape and will peel off the wax paper completely.
3) Peel the wax paper off of the adhesive side of the decal.
4) Place the adhesive side of decal on the surface of your choice 
5) Smooth it over with a credit card or similar item by applying firm pressure.
6) Carefully remove the masking/transfer tape from the non-adhesive side of the decal