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Complete replacement for my written logbook. The automated weather and water data collection is incredible. It is so great to have casts and catches logged with each of my fishing trips; accuracy is also on par. My clients love it. I love it.

Capt. Mike

No doubt one of the best tools I use. The ANGLR Tracker automatically stores all of the water and weather conditions and locations. Now I look back on last year and see how, where, and why I caught these fatties.


I've been using this now for a few months and it's changed the way I look at the areas I fish. It's so nice to not have to worry about tracking info and being able to review it all after my day on the lake. I now have a better idea of exactly what is going on around me and how it effects the fish and the bite for the day.

Benjamin Nowak

I received this product as a gift and wasn't sure if I'd like having this on my fly rod. 5 Stars for how easy it was to use and you wouldn't know the difference because of how light the device is. I'd recommend this product for anyone interested in documenting the weather variables, locations, and catches.

Great Lake Jake

If you're not on the ANGLR train yet, might think about getting on soon. I have been using this from the beginning and I love it. I love the mapping, the weather trend reports, and making me a more precise competitor based on the information. Glad to be apart of this movement. #basselite

Dave Lefebre


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